Sales Mission

Century 21 World Properties  has been listing homes for sale in Clermont FL since 1998. The cities of Davenport, Kissimmee and Winter Garden are within 5 minutes drive from our office. We have listed and sold many homes on those cities as well. The area is known as Four Corners. This is the area where Disney Parks are located.

If you are a homeowner anywhere near Disney, our listing service is for you. We have the experience, knowledge and honesty demonstrated during two decades servicing many satisfied customers. We are Century 21, the most recognized Real Estate name in our Planet!

When marketing your property, we aim at selling for the highest possible price. Timing of the sale is important. We will sell it in a reasonable amount of time. You will experience as little inconvenience as is absolutely necessary. We balance 3 factors that sells properties. Those factors are the price, the marketing plan and the terms of the sale.


When we prepare a Market Analysis for your home, we carefully analyze the market to help you set the right price. This is crucial to maximizing the proceeds from the sale of your property. Pricing the property too low leaves money on the table. Pricing the property too high will prevent the property from selling. There are costs associated with owning the property. The timing of the sale is important. Market conditions are an important part of the pricing equation. We look forward to providing you with the strategy that delivers the result that is most advantageous to you.


Marketing to sell you house is the art of exposing your Real Estate to potential buyers. Your Century 21 World Properties office is dedicated to bringing the best possible buyer to your property. Marketing is also about communication. To be effective, the marketing plan must place information about your property in the places where the best buyers will see it. The property must be presented in the most appealing way.

Technology certainly plays a big role in any effective real estate marketing plan. Grass roots activities still matter. The secret to selling your property is to implement a multi faceted marketing plan that utilizes the most accessible and credible media sources. is the most trafficked real estate web site other than, which Century 21 Real Estate LLC owns a considerable interest in. Century 21 World Properties is the most trusted name in real estate in the Four Corners market.


It is easy enough to define "terms" as "Cash or Credit". Make no mistake, the availability of financing is crucial to the sale of your property. Mortgage Underwriting Guidelines have gone from crazy to crazier! Between the year 2000 and 2005, no one could be denied financing. Today borrowers are required to walk on water in order to qualify.

Owner financing can be a wonderful incentive that not only gets your property sold, it delivers the return that you had originally hoped for. Occupancy specifications, mezzanine financing and lease to own other programs that sweeten the pot for prospective buyers.

Century 21 World Properties associates understand the many diverse elements of the real estate transaction that Make or Break real estate transactions. Don't do deals without us! Century 21 Listings deliver results. When it comes sale your home in  Clermont, Davenport, Kissimmee and Winter Garden, we are your best alternative. Please call us for great service!